Academic Program Improvement (API)

The Academic Program Improvement (API) Fund

The Academic Program Improvement (API) Fund was established in 2000 to aid the smaller CUs (UP Baguio, UP Mindanao, UPOU, and UP Visayas) in the development of their academic programs. In 2013, however, all CUs were provided API Funds because of the availability of bigger fund allotment from the National Government.

The utilization of the API Funds is based on the broader perspective of achieving academic excellence in the UP System. Funds are made available in order to strengthen the link and integration of education, research and creative work, and public service. To this end, the utilization of the funds is guided by certain policies to ensure that the funds provide greater impact to the various academic units in their pursuit of academic excellence.

API funds are included in the CUs’ respective annual Internal Operating Budgets (IOBs). They are categorized as MOOE, specifically for improvement of the CUs’ academic programs. Thus, they should be utilized as such. The following are disallowances to API utilization: CO/EO (Capital Outlay/Equipment Outlay); PS (Personal Services) e.g., compensation such as salaries; and international travel.

Objectives of the API Fund

1. To develop excellent research-, innovation-, and creative work-enriched academic programs;
2. To develop excellent academic programs that will serve as basis for knowledge-based public service and public policies;
3. To review and improve the academic content of courses and curricular programs, in relation to the CUs’ niches, national priorities, recent         discoveries or developments in the discipline, etc.;
4. To improve teaching-and-learning or pedagogy of academic degree programs by exploring innovative pedagogical methods; and
5. To develop high quality academic degree programs that meet national and international QA (quality assurance) standards.

Since 2016, the Office for the Advancement of Teaching (OAT) has been handling the monitoring of the implementation of API Projects in UP Diliman. For details, please refer to Memorandum No. OVCAA-BMP 16-186-A.


Read about the most recent Call for Proposals for the API funding grant here: Memorandum No. OVCAA-ECA 17-045: Call for Proposals for the Academic Program Improvement (API) Grant 2018.

Download the API Project Proposal form here: OVPAA-API Form 10.3

Download the API Project Accomplishment Report form here: OVPAA-API Form 10.4