Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)

The OAT manages the Student Evaluation of Teachers (SET)  with the support of the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) and Computerized Registration System (CRS) team. The SET provides insights for evaluating university faculty according to the specific courses they teach, and more broadly, the performance of academic programs. Through the SET, the university gains insights into the achievement of course and learning objectives, and valuable feedback and suggestions from students.

The SET covers three dimensions: the course, teacher, and student. Teachers should take time to review the feedback for each of these dimensions and use the information towards enhancing student learning in the courses that they teach. For purposes of renewal, tenure and promotion, only the SET results pertaining to the teacher are considered. The same is true when screening applicants for grants/fellowships or nominees for awards, when teaching performance is one of the criteria for the selection of grantees/awardees.


SET through the Years

The SET has undergone several changes over the years, and remains an interesting subject of academic research and inquiry. In December 2014, the OAT conducted an analysis of students’ qualitative responses and comments, a key development in the analysis of SET results.