The Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) Answering Module in the Computerized Registration System (CRS) will be open from July 23, 2022 to August 6, 2022 only. This applies to all units except the MBA and MS Finance programs of the Cesar E.A. Virata School of Business, PM-TMEM and ASP.

Students may accomplish the SET by logging into their CRS accounts and clicking on the “SET Answering Module.” Those who fail to answer the SET will be tagged as “low priority” in the next term’s pre-enlistment, while the students in the MBA calendar who fail to answer the SET will be delayed for 1 hour in the next term’s real-time enlistment.
Note that the evaluation of the teaching performance of teaching fellows and teaching associates (TFs/TAs) should also be conducted during the period stated above via CRS (if available).

For TFs and TAs who are not included in the CRS, kindly request students to accomplish this online form during the same period:…/SV_3pXXWMEpiLfi6zk

For assistance with online evaluation of TFs/TAs, kindly email the Office for the Advancement of Teaching at